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Be prepared to be delighted by all these imaginary conceptual timepieces, whether they are futuristic, retro, hi-tech or utopian. The SOON adventure is a story of three imaginary watch series who embark on a quest to conquer your fantasies.

Olivier Gamiette, car designer, puts himself to the test of timepiece design and invites us to discover his creative universe through this SOON epic: a true compendium of mechanical ingenuity and meticulous design.

Explored in sketches or flawless digital illustrations, these marvels from another realm, still entirely credible, offer real food for thought. Come behind the scenes of this book with fully detailed tutorials describing his method of creation and his colorization process: from free-hand sketches to photorealistic renderings, you’ll experience the world of SOON ...

COPPER HEAD | Invaders Series


14 watches

As if ready to enter the stratosphere, the INVADERS are characterized by their spacecraft silhouettes. These concepts boldly play the pathfinders of the SOON adventure with their streamlined plating in light alloy.
This squadron of technological racing machines entertains with its diverse, futuristic style. Settle in for the ride.

LORD ALFRED | Mutants Series

MUTANTS series

12 watches

The mutants are a concept family which borrows the genetic material of contemporary watches, but which has experienced several evolutions. Mutation is underway. Underneath the familiar physical traits, clever technical solutions are at work, designed, above all, to be elegant.

AMIRAL HELIOTT | Ultimates Series


8 watches

The Ultimates are the standard-bearers of the SOON adventure. The concepts in this series boast sophisticated mechanisms and unconventional cases.
Take the time to lose yourself in the details, and really understand their movements and functions. These watches are not from around here, and they’re not afraid to show it.


This collection of concept watches realistically rendered by hand possesses such beauty and drama, you’ll wish they weren’t make-believe.

  • 34 fully detailed watch concepts
  • 128 pages, 20x25cm, hardcover
  • sketches - renderings - tutorials
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All of my drawings start with pencil sketches. This is a crucial step, allowing me to quickly go through several ideas without censuring myself.


The choice of sketches for the SOON adventure was made based on their relevance and daring.


Discover new ideas through many ball point sketches and appreciate their final colorised version.



The colored illustrations are rich in details. Numbers,screws,gears or rubies are accurately described and define credibility. Details are part of my creative process. Sketches define the ideas and rendered images provided in detail describe precisely the object. Enjoy !


As a habit, I always try to share my point of view or the techniques I’ve acquired over time, so others can benefit. In the “Making Of”, detailed notes explain the coloring process of the SOON adventure concepts on Adobe Photoshop.

Discover behind the scenes of this book with fully detailed tutorials describing my method of creation and my colorization process: from free-hand sketches to photorealistic renderings, you’ll get to know everything ...


You will learn how to colorize your creations thanks to light and shadow effects.


You will learnhow to create metal, brushed copper, polished pink gold and dial patterns.


You will learn how to creat specific watch components as spiral, gears and escapment wheel.


You will take advantage of photoshop tips to make very useful basics and not only to draw watches!


Each illustration is very realistic and use effects which come from the photo world : depth of field, chroma, aberration... Effects are disclosed here in and could be used everywhere.


You will learn how to create more views of your creations by using 3D Mapping.

  • 34 fully detailed watch concepts
  • 128 pages, 20x25cm, hardcover
  • sketches - renderings - tutorials
published by

Designer and Engineer

Olivier Gamiette

He never dreamed he would one day be an automotive designer, his current profession. He trained as a mechanical engineer, and discovered quite late in life that designing was an actual job.

As a child He was quite good at drawing, and he often played with toy cars, and even customized them. But the thought of drawing these cars never entered his head. Until one day, as a twenty-year old student of engineering, he saw a documentary about the Swiss automotive designer, the great Franco Sbarro. Captivated by his work, he grabbed a pencil and began drawing cars, hypnotized. He haven’t let go of that pencil since, and while it hasn’t been easy to learn drawing by himself, he have always followed his creative impulses.

I'm a self taught designer. I started illustrating this project two years ago but in truth, I needed twenty years of drawing practice, research and work to bring this book to life.

I have always loved books, and especially books of drawing or illustration. They have helped me, informed me and shaped me, and most of all, they have encouraged my dreams. That’s why I wanted to create this book in turn, so I could share my world with others.

I love the intimate relationship that exists between the mechanism of a watch and its design. I love when the two become inseparable. It reminds me of my childhood fascination for the Spirograph. This was a toy made of cogged rings, whose hypnotic rotation controlled by a pencil allowed for thousands of incredibly perfect designs.

Architecture, furnitures, Hi-fi products, bikes, interior car design, sport shoes, videos of basic mechanisms, mathematic properties, modern patterns

This book is only the first step of a huge new personal experience. My main interest is to bring new exciting ideas to life. So some watches of this book could become real wearable timepieces...

I work on a second volume of new concept watches. to be continued...

Amiral Heliott
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Anachrone black
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Anachrone Gold
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Anachrone yello...
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Copper head
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Lord Alfred
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